Cayman Islands & Grand Cayman Stingray City Tours

This is a 3.5 hour 3 stop tour at Stingray City, the Barrier Reef and Starfish Point.

At world-famous Stingray City, your Captain will give you a detailed briefing before entering the water with the stingrays. Here you will have the opportunity to experience first-hand what these magnificent animals are like in their natural habitat. Your captain will give you the chance to hand feed them yourself if you wish!

The next stop is at the barrier reef. Here’s where you’ll get to do some fun filled adventuring by snorkeling the barrier reef to see the coral and all the wildlife it has to offer!

Then the most relaxing part of the day, Starfish Point! At Starfish Point you’ll be in knee deep water where you have the opportunity to see, touch & take pictures with the starfish.

Sodas, bottled water and ice is provided as well as snorkeling equipment if needed.