Cayman Islands & Grand Cayman Stingray City Tours

In addition to sport fishing, we also provide charters to Stingray City where you can enjoy a few hours of interacting one on one with the rays. We provide you with squid so that you can have the opportunity to feed them by hand (which is a great way to get once in a lifetime pictures!). The Sand Bar also offers the unique experience of being out to sea but in waist deep water where you are able to stand and see straight down to the sand, and a great view of the rays swimming around.

A trip to Stingray City is truly an unforgettable experience, and it's likely to be the highlight of your conversation when you talk about your Cayman Islands vacation with your family and friends back home.

Please feel free to take a look at our photos of our Stingray City tours. If you’re ready to book your Stingray City excursion please fill out our Reservation Form or call 1-345-916-0113.

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